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This is the third book in a series that includes volumes pertaining to the 40th anniversary of STAR WARS in 2017 and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK in 2020. RETURN OF THE JEDI--FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW follows the same pattern as the earlier two books. It features 40 stories from 40 different authors, each one focusing on a part of RETURN OF THE JEDI from a different angle than that presented in the film. The stories are roughly in the same order as the timeline of the movie. 

A number of supporting and background characters get the spotlight here, including Moff Jerjerrod, EV-9D9, Mon Mothma, the Rancor trainer, the Sarlaac, and Wedge Antilles. There are also stories with plenty of minor Imperial and Rebel Alliance functionaries, such as the officer who Luke Skywalker surrenders to on the moon of Endor.

Speaking of Endor....yes, there are multiple chapters dealing with the Ewoks, and the book verifies one important fact about the notorious teddy bear-like creatures: they do cook and eat humanoids whom they consider a threat. 

The book also makes references to a couple of the Disney+ Star Wars TV series, and also to some recent story lines in the various Marvel Star Wars comic books. (Gotta make sure you tie all the Star Wars product together, so the fans will have more things to spend money on.) 

RETURN OF THE JEDI--FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW is over 550 pages, which is most appreciated--it seems nowadays that as the price of books goes up, the number of pages in them goes down. 

I believe the FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW series of books is more for the hardcore Star Wars fan, but I would recommend them to anyone. I think the idea of taking a famous film and examining it through a series of stories from the viewpoint of minor or even off-screen characters is a creative and intriguing idea, and it would be great if other legendary movie series got the same treatment. 

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