Friday, December 18, 2015

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS--First Impressions (No Spoilers)

I went and saw STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS last night. There's all sorts of things I want to say about this movie, and all sorts of story theories I'd like to share with you....but I realize that many of you have not seen the film yet, so I'm not going to totally delve into it until about a week from now. I don't want to ruin any one's enjoyment of it. 

That means that this post is going to be rather short, but I'll try my best to give you my immediate impressions on THE FORCE AWAKENS. 

First of all, I liked it and I had a great time watching it. It is a true Star Wars film, and it is more engaging than any of the prequels. 

Is it a fantastic film? I think it is very, very, good...but I wouldn't say it is fantastic. I have issues with some of the incidents in the film, and I can't really go into them until later. These issues are more geek-related than whether the movie is good or not.

THE FORCE AWAKENS has a more down-to-earth (yes, I know that sounds ironic) attitude than the Star Wars prequels. All the prequels had a cartoony, CGIish, video game look to them. THE FORCE AWAKENS doesn't come off as a video game. There's a sense of texture here. 

The dialogue in THE FORCE AWAKENS flows a lot smoother than the dialogue in the prequels. You can believe in these characters, and their actions. 

I have to say that seeing the Immortal Trio--Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher--back on the big screen in a Star Wars film was a moving experience. And no, I'm not ashamed to admit that. As many of you know, the original STAR WARS is my favorite film of all time. It is the film that gave me my love of cinema, and the film that has personally impacted me more than any other. It was very important to me that this film worked, and it did. 

If you have not seen THE FORCE AWAKENS as I am writing this, I suggest you see it right away. There are major revelations and surprises in store, and those revelations and surprises are all over the internet. You don't want to discover what happens in THE FORCE AWAKENS through a clickbait should discover what happens in a movie theater, as intended. 

I will be discussing THE FORCE AWAKENS in more detail here soon. 

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  1. If Star Wars is indeed your favorite movie of all time, perhaps you'd like to make a case for how it should have won Best Picture at the Oscars that year. The Midnite Drive-In (my blog) and the ladies at Silver Scenes Blog have teamed up to run an Oscars Snubs Blogathon, and we would welcome your entry.

    PS. I read a few of your entries while I was browsing. Really like your take on The Most Dangerous Game.